This Labor Day Weekend, Go Camping

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From quiet, isolated high-mountain sites to low-desert locations, Arizona Highways Camping Guide features 100 of the best campgrounds in Arizona.”Camping is such a great way to explore Arizona, including spots you might not otherwise visit,” says the book’s author, Kelly Vaughn Kramer. The book, ($22.95), which includes Arizona Highways’ iconic photography and maps, is sorted by region and written for car-campers and families. Detailed information about locations, amenities, seasonal accessibility and fees is included with each listing. Click to buy your copy (or copies) today!So, where does Kramer like to camp? Lockett Meadow, near Flagstaff; KP Cienega, in the White Mountains (it’s on the book’s cover); and Los Burros, north of McNary, are three of her favorites.


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3 responses to “This Labor Day Weekend, Go Camping

  1. Stay found while exploring Arizona by calibrating your compass to the declination at your camp site or hiking trail ( To learn about using a compass, read “Felix the Sugar Glider Be Safe Hike Smart” (Amazon). A compass doesn’t need satellites, a signal, or batteries and works in all types of weather, day or night, but you need to know how to use it and this book makes learning how to use a compass easy. Learn how to orient yourself using a compass, a compass and a map, no compass and a map, no compass and no map. The ability to know your way and know where you are is something we all need in any survival situation not just while hiking and camping. Learn how to stay found by paying attention to your surroundings. Learn what to pack for a day-hike, trail ethics, what to do if you get lost, how to get rescued, and survival packing (for the car and for the trail) just in case your camping trip extends into more nights than you planned on. Buy it on Amazon, “Felix the Sugar Glider Be Safe Hike Smart”.

  2. Indeed, Labor Day weekend is a good opportunity to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life. Go on a day hike or weekend camping with friends or family, And speaking of which, one of the best trail hikes you could ever find in Arizona is in Sedona, which boasts of at least 200 hiking trails. Hikers here could attest to the great beauty of the red sandstone formations that seem to glow during sunrise or sunset.

  3. And speaking of hiking in Sedona, AZ, check out the Sedona Hiking Guide Book. its very helpful as it features about 25 of the most beautiful and interesting hiking trails there.

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