Arizona vs. Vermont: Battle of the Fall Leaves

The October issue of Arizona Highways is garnering plenty of attention on the East Coast. Our fellow IRMA publication, Vermont Life, issued a mock cover in response to ours, which claims that fall in Arizona is better than it is in Vermont. The result? A tongue-in-cheek, all-in-good-fun autumn smack down, which you’ll likely see in the news over the next few days — the story has been picked up by the Associated Press, and Robert has been doing interviews all morning.

Rest assured, though, you’ll see that we position Vermont as the gold standard when it comes to fall leaves. The comparison we make in the magazine isn’t about quality of fall color, but rather the length of our respective fall seasons. Because of geography, we’re blessed in Arizona with an autumn that runs from early September on the North Rim of the Grand Canyon to early December in the southern parts of our state. Our cover lines were merely a catchy way of pointing out that Arizona, like Vermont, has an incredible fall season, which runs counter to the stereotype that Arizona has only one season: summer. The issue hits newsstands in early September.

Screen Shot 2013-08-26 at 10.36.21 AMArizona Highways‘ October cover

Fun Vermont Life Mock UpVermont Life magazine’s mock cover


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10 responses to “Arizona vs. Vermont: Battle of the Fall Leaves

  1. Return fire! Poke them in October’s issue.

  2. David Neill

    A local talk show suggested that Arizona has a chip on its shoulder, and I don’t disagree. Why did AZ Highways feel the need to compare our state with any other? We are all united as one country the last I checked. We each have our own virtues that make us stand out, and we each have our fair share of problems too. Let’s all support one another rather than pick on each other, even if it’s not meant to be spiteful or malicious. We are ALL the USA and we are ALL beautiful.

  3. Monty Furlong

    The above comment holds a lot of truth but I’ve been in both states during the Fall leaves and, while Vermont is beautiful, I’ll take my gorgeous Arizona anytime. But, then, I think it’s the most beautiful state in the union and I’ve been to most of the others. They’re also can boast of being beautiful but there’s just something about the desert that tugs at my heart.

  4. Pat Moses

    Actually, I was recently contemplating a return to my home state to get the full flavor of fall. No better autumn view than the mountains of New Hampshire…

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  6. liz lorianne mcclory

    It’s a joke folks. Tongue in cheek…

  7. where to see fall leaves in VT. EVERYWHERE. I supose AZ. has better skiing and more maple syrup too

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