Help the Forest Service Keep an Eye on Mother Nature

Photo by Reid Helms

Photo by Reid Helms

From our friends at the Forest Service:

PHOENIX – The U.S. Forest Service is understaffed but is getting more help in monitoring more than 1 million acres of Arizona wilderness. Over the weekend, another 30 volunteers for the Arizona Wilderness Coalition stewardship program received training to begin monitoring ecological and recreational conditions in the state’s wild areas.

According to the Coalition’s Central Arizona director, Sam Frank, it’s a chance for people to give back while enjoying something they already love: being outdoors.

“It’s a great thing for families, it’s a great way to get exercise and it’s a great way to get to know the lands better in your backyard. It’s really beneficial,” Frank said. “And also, they have a sense of stewardship in helping take care of these areas that technically belong to them.”

Sound like a good gig? Why not volunteer and give Mother Nature some much needed TLC? For more information, visit:

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