Wishing You a Safe Fourth of July!

Reid Helms | Tempe

Reid Helms | Tempe

Here’s to a fantastic 4th of July! Have fun and, more importantly, stay safe. Here’s a friendly reminder from our friends in highway patrol:

The Arizona Highway Patrol Association has some advice for all drivers over the Fourth of July holiday: BE CAREFUL!  According to the Department of Public Safety (DPS), one crash occurs every five seconds.  Because of budget cuts and less overtime, fewer officers are on the road responding to increased holiday calls for service.  “Historically, injury and fatal crashes increase over the days surrounding holidays,” says Jimmy Chavez, president of the AHPA. “Greater traffic means drivers need to increase their awareness behind the wheel.  We want to make sure everyone makes it to their  destination safety.” The AHPA is asking the public to be especially careful this weekend and offers the following travel advice to drivers:

Driving Tips:

  • Plan enough time for your drive, and do not speed.
  • Eliminate driver distractions — limit cell phone use to emergencies only.  If a call must be made, use a hands-free device or, if possible, have a passenger make the call. Under no circumstances should a driver text or email while driving.
  • Check your vehicle ahead of time. This includes fluid levels, belts, hoses and tire pressure/condition.
  • Be prepared for the unexpected. You might see a delay due to accidents, road closures, inclement weather or drivers who appear to be lost.
  • Be rested before traveling, and take breaks during long drives.
  • Carry an emergency kit that includes items such as a cellphone, a flashlight and extra batteries, flares, jumper cables, basic repair tools and lots of water.
  • Watch out for other drivers.  People can become frustrated, and even aggressive, when driving in traffic or for long lengths of time.
  • AHPA encourages anyone on the road to call 911 if you view suspicious or aggressive drivers, breakdowns and accidents. Again, make sure calls can be made safely and without taking the driver’s focus from the potential hazard. If possible, have a passenger make the call.
  • Use a designated driver or call a taxi if consuming alcoholic beverages or taking impairing medications.

Important Driving Laws:

  • Remember the “Move Over Law” (ARS §28-775E-1-2).  Move over one lane or slow down for vehicles on the side of the road.  Help keep our DPS officers safe when responding to emergency situations.
  • Buckle Up (ARS §28-909)!  It’s the law! AHPA wants everyone to be safe, and putting seat belts on all passengers, no matter their age or location, is important. Child safety restraints (ARS §28-907) can be installed with proper notice from your local police or fire department.
  • Don’t drink and drive (ARS §4-244.33, §28-1383, §28-1383).  AHPA members estimate HALF of alcohol related DUIs include prescription drugs.
    The penalties if you are convicted of a DUI:
  • Adult DUI penalties (A.R.S. §28-1381):
  • • At least ten (10) consecutive days in jail.
  • • Must pay no less than $2500 in fines.
  • • Must have interlock device installed in vehicle.
    If convicted a second time in less than seven years:
  • • At least ninety (90) days in jail, thirty (30) of which must be consecutive.
  • • Must pay at least $5000 in fines.
  • • Driver’s license suspended for one (1) year.
  • • Thirty (30) hours of community restitution.


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  2. Great firework display missed it Tempe Town Lake. Thanks for all the tips. It seemed to go over well this year.

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