Over 70 Illegal Campfires Discovered on the Apache-Sitgreaves NF

Photo by Kelly Vaughn Kramer | Wallow Fire

Photo by Kelly Vaughn Kramer | Wallow Fire

Wow. Well, this is some very, very disappointing news. Turns out, Apache-Sitgreaves National Forests personnel found over 70 illegal campfires while patrolling Memorial Day weekend. “In most cases, campers complied with our request to put out their campfires, however, citations were issued,” says Mark Empey, Apache-Sitgreaves National Forests’ Fire Management Officer.

In case you forgot, on May 23, campfire and smoking restrictions were implemented in Apache and Navajo Counties, Apache-Sitgreaves National Forests, and within local fire districts located in both counties.

Most Arizona campers are used to the almost annual need for restrictions on campfires. Still, it’s clear some folks need a reminder.

Photo by Kelly Vaughn Kramer | Wallow Fire

Photo by Kelly Vaughn Kramer | Wallow Fire

Let’s not forget Arizona experienced several mega fires in 2011, namely the Wallow Fire, which charred over 538,000 acres, and, according to the Forest Service, this year’s severe drought conditions and moisture emulate the blue print from 2011. The Forest would like to enlist the public’s help in reporting abandoned fires or people who build campfires outside of developed campgrounds.

In the meantime, the fire restrictions will remain in place until national forests service lands within Apache, Greenlee and Navajo Counties receive significant precipitation.

Photo by Kelly Vaughn Kramer | Wallow Fire

Photo by Kelly Vaughn Kramer | Wallow Fire

White Mountain visitors are reminded that some campfire restrictions are always in effect, such as in forested areas within city limits of most northern Arizona communities. Additionally, fireworks are never allowed on National Forests. For more information about restrictions on public lands by calling (928) 333-3412 or toll free 1-877-864-6985 or visit (www.311info.net), and also the NEW interagency website: (Firerestrictions.us) created to inform residents and visitors about fire restrictions and closures across the South-west area.


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7 responses to “Over 70 Illegal Campfires Discovered on the Apache-Sitgreaves NF

  1. People know about the restrictions , most of them don’t care!

  2. Durelle Freeman

    Cite those people, every time and publicize it !

  3. The punishment is just not severe enough to make them care. Yet people like this have destroyed so much that belongs to all of us, and also the individuals’ home and businesses that have burned. The punishment does not come close to fitting the crime, or repayment of the damage.

  4. magnoliamoonpie

    just curious…can you still use propane camp stoves? during the times I’ve lived in Arizona there’ve been some horrific forest fires…and since I’ve moved the one in the Huachuca’s comes to mind…I know it’s enjoyable to have a camp fire…but surely people understand the enormous danger!

  5. Magnoliamoonpie – unfortunately, no; people do not understand the danger. They think they are smarter than the ones who have started fires or they think the rules don’t apply to them. Essentially, they think they are smarter than the fire which is absolutely dangerous! Someone else said the consequences need to be tougher, and I whole heartedly agree.

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