Who’s Got the Best Pizza in Arizona? Take Our Poll!


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23 responses to “Who’s Got the Best Pizza in Arizona? Take Our Poll!

  1. Dave

    Hi guys: There seems to be a glaring omission from your list of choices: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pizzeria_Bianco

  2. Kathy

    LOTS of glaring omissions!

  3. cHuckdaEhler@yahoo.com

    Hey Editor–The word “got is a past tense conjugation, please use “Who HAS the best Pizza”?

  4. Pizzicleta in Flagstaff is the absolute best!

  5. Johnny C

    Spinatos Pizza is my favorite….Tempe, Scottsdale

  6. Hilja

    We drive half an hour to Gilbert Pizza, real East coast Pizza!

  7. johnny

    Picazzo’s in Sedona.

  8. Gary M

    Pizzicletta, Flagstaff, AZ.

  9. R Ericss

    You’re really putting up a poll without Pizzeria Bianco or Pizzicletta? Bianco could be best in the country according to EVERYONE IN THE COUNTRY and Pizzicletta’s on your cover.

    • Well, we think there are a lot of fantastic options out there and, to your point, Pizzicletta was on our cover… and since “everyone in the country” knows about Bianco, why not talk about the other great pizza places in AZ?

  10. Maryellen M

    Pizzicletta in Flagstaff

  11. Bob

    tbird in Peeples Valley is the best ever.. Honest…

  12. Lawrence

    I have been eating at Red Devil Pizza since the establishment opened in the early 60’s and I have never had better pizza!

  13. S

    I must have missed something???? If you are wanting a true idea of what people think is the best pizza place, then why did you make any suggestions? It seems like it would have been better to just ask the question, not give your picks??

  14. Rebecca

    So, will you share the results in the “other” category?

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