Vintage Cover: Classic Arizona, August 1948

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by | April 29, 2013 · 9:30 am

4 responses to “Vintage Cover: Classic Arizona, August 1948

  1. I love that you have been posting old covers. Would it be too much to ask for you to include a short description and photographic credits? i.e. Suzzie Yazzie weaving near Monument Valley, photo by Josef Muench.

    • Tom

      i took my hispanic wife on a road trip in 2003 to the hispanic pueblitos in northern new mexico (sheep raising, weaving tradition). the intent was to introduce her to the hispanic method of weaving, whereby the loom is mechanical, with foot treadles, etc. no way jose! she still prefers the upright loom that the great navajo weavers have always used. portable too!

  2. Kyle

    My grandfather shot some Native American photos for Arizona Highways magazine around that time- and did some illustrations. When he died, my grandmother lost all most all of his work except for 3 paintings and two photographs (which I don’t know if they were actually used in the magazine).
    His name was Angelo Mangino. I would love to find out what pics he did that were published.

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