Vintage Cover: September-October 1943 Issue; Cover: B-24 Liberator Bomber

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Excerpted from “A little bit of everything,” a letter by Arizona Highways Editor Raymond Carlson:

“And now returning to more pressing considerations may we explain our cover.  The clippings, of course, tell the story of the B-24 Liberator bomber.  This particular make of bomber is getting quite a lot of good licks in for our side in this war but our principal concern with it in these pages is that it is the specific article of study by the flyers at Davis-Monthan field near Tucson. Davis-Monthan is one of America’s most important bomber training bases and you should know more about it.  Bernice Cosulich takes you on a personally conducted tour of D-M base in this issue.  And also we have a presentation of the murals that Pvt. Phil Brinkman has painted in the main recreation room of Davis-Monthan.  In this air-minded age we should all know more about the history of flight and these murals give you a general education in a few swift looks.  These are two articles we think you’ll enjoy reading.” — Raymond Carlson

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  1. Is there an online archive where one can see the contents of an issue?

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