It’s Snowing in the Desert!

Timm Chapman | Rincon Mountains

Timm Chapman | Rincon Mountains

Mother Nature put on quite a show last Wednesday… turns out, we actually made news! Well, in honor of her amazing handiwork, our theme this week was desert snow. A huge thanks to everyone who shared their stunning images on our Facebook page. Be sure to share this week’s gallery with your friends, especially those who’ve never seen a saguaro covered in the white stuff.



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8 responses to “It’s Snowing in the Desert!

  1. Janet Horst

    Very pretty- gives the desert a very serene look.

  2. Pam Lopez

    Beautiful scenery! Thanks for the pictures.

  3. caputuring nature at its best – thank you for sharing these wonderful pictures..

  4. These are magical! There were so many stunning entries, it must have been difficult to choose.. Thanks for sharing one of mine here!

  5. Great Job PAC Members! Congrats all!

  6. I also live in Arizona. The winters here are beautiful! I am glad we don’t have to shovel ourselves out of feet of snow every morning!
    Love the blog. Now following.


  7. Fabulous Fotos but I never thought I’d see the day!!
    If this keeps up where will the snowbirds go?

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