Meet Our New Associate Editor, Noah Austin

The new guy in the office.

There’s a new guy in town.

There’s a new kid on the block, and we thought he should spill the beans about what it’s like being the new guy — sort of. Tomorrow will be his one-month anniversary. Welcome aboard, Noah. We’re thrilled to have you on the team!

The old cliché is that journalists are good at talking about everything but themselves. For my own sake as I begin my time as Arizona Highways’ associate editor, I hope that’s true, but that doesn’t really help me for this post, in which I’ve been asked to talk a little about myself and my first month on the job at Highways.

I started at the magazine Jan. 7; before that, I worked in marketing communications for a Phoenix-based furniture manufacturer, and before that, I was a copy editor, page designer and occasional reporter at the East Valley Tribune in Mesa. My first impression of this place was the tremendous passion and dedication that everyone in the office brings to work every day. I feel both honored to be a part of such a labor of love, and terrified of screwing the whole thing up.

I’m excited to get more familiar with Highways’ equally passionate readers, and to settle more into my role at the magazine, in the months ahead. As a lover of all things Arizona and of quality journalism, I can’t think of many positions to which the term “dream job” might apply, but this is one of them. I look forward to connecting with you, both on our blog and in the magazine, and I look forward to your feedback. If my first month is any indication, I’m really going to love it here.

You can follow Noah Austin on Twitter: @noah_austin


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3 responses to “Meet Our New Associate Editor, Noah Austin

  1. Michael Hughes

    Way to go, champ. Lookin’ forward to peeping that byline in print.

    Your brother from another mother,

  2. Laurie

    Welcome and I’m sure you’ll do a great job. Glad you love Arizona!!

  3. Welcome aboard Noah! It’s nice to see one of the “Wizards behind the curtain”.

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