Sneak Peek: Our October Issue Is Finally Here!


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5 responses to “Sneak Peek: Our October Issue Is Finally Here!

  1. John W Dunlap

    your article Pushing The Envelopes about the US Postal Service and Hank Delaney left out some impotant information about the sub contractors. In fact I think that donkey in the picture belongs to one of the subcontractors who now has the contract for mail delivery. Please correct the article to include the other people who pack in and out of the canyon. If you want a real canyon experience, ride off from Hilltop down to Supai and swim in the falls. stay all night and saddle your horses before sunup, watch the sun come up over the canyon rim. This is not for the faint of heart, but it is the experience of a lifetime. The real canyon experience begins at Hilltop. I’m an Iowa cowboy who had the great fortune to ride the canyon with my friend Sam Grammer from Flagstaff.

    Faithful Reader
    John W Dunlap

  2. Cant wait to get my October issue!

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    Scenic drives and National Parks in Sonoran desert of United States south west region.

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