Friday Fotos: Arizona in Black and White

Valerie Millett | Monument Valley

It’s Friday. It’s a long weekend… and it’s Friday Fotos. Our theme this week was black and white photography. We received dozens of amazing photos, so thanks everyone who shared on our Facebook page.

OK, now start your weekend off on the right foot with this spectacular gallery. And if you don’t mind, please share these images on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, etc, etc, etc, because everyone should check out these fantastic photos.



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7 responses to “Friday Fotos: Arizona in Black and White

  1. Thank you for publishing one of my photos on Arizona Highways! We in Arizona are blessed with many talented photographers who love and share the beauty of Arizona!

  2. Thank you Arizona Highways Friday Fotos blog for using two of my images in the Black and White Blog today..

  3. Sarah Dolliver

    I’m honored to have my work included among so many great images!

  4. Great photos as usual. have to return some day

  5. Georgie Hinch

    Thank you for publishing my photo here. I am very honored that it was included. I recalled submitting it 2 years ago and I found it by accident when I Googled my name. I had no idea where to find it until now. Thanks so much!

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