Discover How Mother Nature Shaped The Mogollon Rim

Aaron Bachler | Mogollon Rim

The White Mountain Nature Center will make a seismic and climatic shift on Saturday, August 18 at 10 a.m. with a new program called, “Forces that Shape the Rim.” This program will educate attendees on how the Mogollon Rim was formed and what forces are instrumental in creating our very rich and unique environment.

The Center has brought in two very highly respected individuals to lead this Discovery Series program. Kicking off the day will be Dr. David Brumbaugh, Professor at Northern Arizona University and Director of the Arizona Earthquake Information Center. Dr. Brumbaugh will lead an intriguing discussion centering on volcanoes, earthquakes, and uplift, among other geologic topics. He will help us understand how the Rim was formed, why we have some two hundred cinder cones in the White Mountains, and then will present his findings regarding earthquake potential in the Flagstaff area.

Next up will be Dr. Michael Crimmins, Associate Specialist and Assistant Professor in Climate Science at the University of Arizona. Dr. Crimmins will focus on climate and weather, with special emphasis on the weather effects of the Rim, our on-going drought, and issues like: why does Round Valley seem to be so much drier than Pinetop/Lakeside; and do forest fires really create their own weather. He will also field your questions on global warming and the effects of El Nino and La Nina.

Beginning around noon, there will be a series of hands-on opportunities for young and older attendees alike. Byron James, the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality, Community Liaison for Northeastern Arizona, will lead a group on issues involving water quality. Join Byron for water sampling and analysis at the Big Springs Environmental Study Area (the Center’s wetland), and the Mountain Meadow irrigation pond. Byron will help us understand the most important issues about our water quality and how water is becoming an increasingly important resource in our state. Be sure to wear comfortable walking shoes for this half mile stroll.

Steve Campbell, Area Associate Agent for the University of Arizona Cooperative Extension, with particular expertise in Natural Resources and Forestry, will lead interested parties on a guided walk through our site to the Big Springs Environmental Study Area. Along the way, Steve will point out the geologic and climatic features and effects discussed earlier by our two headliners. If you are joining Steve, be sure to wear comfortable shoes for this walk.

The Center also has a special treat for the kids. Join Ron Ream, President of the Gold Prospectors Association of America, Show Low Chapter, and some members of GPAA as they demonstrate prospecting techniques and issues. The highlight will be a gold panning contest for the kids. He will also demonstrate other techniques. Have you ever used drowsing rods? Ron will have them on-hand for those who want to try their luck.

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