Friday Fotos: When In Jerome… Take Lots of Pictures

Susan Kordish

In honor of our September issue and our killer portfolio, When in Jerome, we thought this week’s theme should revolve around that wonderfully, quirky town. Thank you to everyone who contributed photos depicting the people, places and things that make Jerome such a treasure.

If you haven’t picked up our September issue (it also happens to be our photography issue), it’s available on newsstands… or better yet, order a subscription of our magazine.

Enjoy and don’t forget to share the gallery on Facebook and Twitter… what a great way to showcase this cool town.

By submitting photographs to Arizona Highways via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr or other social networking sites, the photographer grants Arizona Highways electronic rights. No financial consideration will be paid to anyone for publication on the Arizona Highways blog or Website.


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8 responses to “Friday Fotos: When In Jerome… Take Lots of Pictures

  1. Someday I want to revisit Jerome. I have so many wonderful memories spending time there as a budding photographer in High School (’77-’78). It has clearly changed and, it seems, all for the better. We all knew that one day Jerome had the potential to become an amazing town.

    Regards from Colorado…

    Matt Lit

    • Michael Thompson

      Matt, rest assured that as long as I live, there will never be any “fast food chiains”, stop lights or any other everyday “eye sores” that seem to sprout whenever some money is involved! We Jeromeys’ are not reluctant to change but, it needs to be intelligent! I live in Jerome because, it’s an island surrounded by a sea of insanity. And they call us crazy! Well, we’re all here because, we’re not all there!

      • Love it Michael. I hear you, though my little solace in the mountains turned into a bedroom community for Denver. :~/ Keep up the fight and keep the rest of ’em out!

  2. Reblogged this on Friends Of The San Tan Mountain Regional Park and commented:
    We had such a good time in Jerome and Verde Valley last year! A recommended trip! Check out these great photos from Arizona Highways…

  3. Nice collection of images! 😉

  4. I remember this small but fascinating town nestled in the mountains and the “Spirit Room” as if it were yesterday. Thanks for bringing it all back in this great photo journel

  5. Kathryn Sanfilippo

    I also remember the lovely Jerome, AZ. the lovely photos bring back a sense of contrast in mode and tone. The heat of the summer blistering and always concerned with safety and the possibility of being like the photo’s a truck or car unable to move. Then as summer moved away the lovely fall and winter months full of activities and less of a taxing on the mind and heart the desert floor warm and comfortable for bare feet, slowly the cooling of the the ground that made you put your shoes on. The Halloween spooks lurking in the shadows of the older towns and the fascinating history of why the grace of it’s owners were such amazing people and characters. Great place to explore.

  6. Jerry Grieman

    I know that I can click on each picture to enlarge it, then close it, and move on to the next one.  I also have, on occasion, somehow gotten to a screen where there is a large picture with an arrow on either side that can just allow me to move to the next one.  I did this a few days ago, can’t do it now.  What is the secret to making it work???


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