Vote for the Best Burrito in Arizona (Or Tell Us Where To Go!)


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8 responses to “Vote for the Best Burrito in Arizona (Or Tell Us Where To Go!)

  1. Ann Walker

    Yumans love their burritos!

  2. tammie binkley-byassee

    Chili Pepper burritos, heck-all of their food-is the best Mexican in the country. I have lived in Texas for 15 years, and still crave my Chili Pepper. My mom used to get me out of school and take me there. Some of my BEST memories…

  3. I’m thinking these results may deserve a Yuma burrito article:)
    I’m just sayin’… (lol)

  4. Christine

    I have lived ALL OVER THE US…..tried Mexican Food in MANY DIFFERENT PLACES and I have to say, YUMA has the best Mexican Food in the country……HANDS DOWN…..

  5. Patti

    I miss Yuma food! i now love on the east coast after being born and raised in Arizona…man i miss my chile pepper food!

  6. annie

    I’ve always loved chile pepper. They’ve been consistent in taste and quality. They aren’t HUGE burritos stuffed with everything under the sun but they are delicious, cheap and everyone loves them. Out of town friends always request I bring them some when I visit. Good thing they travel really well!! ❤

  7. Heather Heisler

    GLOBE, ARIZONA: Wether its Guayo’s Miami, Guayo’s on the trail, Chalos, Ed’s La Casita East or Irenes you can not go wrong. They all have Really good food. Not to hot unless you want it hot and lots and lots of flavor.

  8. I get the feeling that only one of these restaurants knew about this poll.

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