Caption Contest: Brittany Wright’s Fence in Sedona

Brittany Wright | Sedona

Each month, Arizona Highways’ editors write captions to accompany the photographs we use in our stories. It can be a tricky task, so we thought we’d turn the tables. When we post a new photo here each month, you’ll have a chance to write its caption.

Write a good one, and you might earn an autographed copy of Editor Robert Stieve’s book, Arizona Highways Hiking Guide: 52 of Arizona’s Best Day Hikes for Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall.

This month, get inspired by Brittany Wright’s image of a fence in Sedona, then post your caption in the comments section below.

Remember, a good caption tells the story of the photograph in 20-30 words (give or take). Feel free to be creative and have some fun with your words!

Your deadline: June 15. Remember, when it comes to a great caption, every word counts.


By submitting photographs to Arizona Highways via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr or other social networking sites, the photographer grants Arizona Highways electronic rights. No financial consideration will be paid to anyone for publication on the Arizona Highways blog or Website.


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5 responses to “Caption Contest: Brittany Wright’s Fence in Sedona

  1. A fragile line of mans creation seeks to contain the magnificance of Nature’s domination

  2. “Sedona: Timeless Beauty from Pillar to Post”

  3. The burnished red spires of Cathedral Rock rise majestic above the remains of historic Crescent Moon Ranch in Sedona.

  4. Colleen Hoyt

    Cathedral Rock timelessly stands guard over Crescent Moon Ranch.

  5. Val Rangen

    A simple structure gives shelter from the elements while providing a good starting off point for an inspiring hike among the spires.

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