Arizona Highways Takes A Road Trip to Bisbee

Keith Whitney working hard for Arizona Highways.

Last Thursday, a few of us at the magazine hit the road and headed south to Bisbee….. The goal? Check out the town, peruse the many antique shops, have lunch at Santiago’s and get a tour from our own Art Director, Keith Whitney……….. Keith spent his childhood in Bisbee and he graciously gave us a tour of his old stomping grounds.

Arizona Highways loved Bisbee…….. We had a fantastic time and you’ll be seeing the fruits of our trip in a few upcoming issues.

P.S., don’t forget to check out some photos from our trip.

Thank you Bisbee!


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7 responses to “Arizona Highways Takes A Road Trip to Bisbee

  1. Elizabeth Dauenhauer

    I think you should hire me as robin sewels sidekick I will gladly accept assignments that aren’t so fancy I Will camp,hike,explore,and take viewers to more remote places that you are neglecting in your show. Think about it

  2. mikehuber

    I love Bisbee. I was there a few months ago and wandered around taking some photos. Here’s one I took down the street from the Breakfast Club.

  3. bcart22rocks

    next time you come to BZB please stop by VIXEN Fine Art Metal Gallery im on the wrong way of a one way street, hehe, also on the map. You will experience unique one of a kind metal work by Brenna Curry. Keep a mindful eye on Brenna’s work for it is going to be more than just BZB.

  4. Karen Redwine

    Old Bisbee Roasters is usually in Peddlers Alley serving free samples of delicious espresso. The finest shots served by the friendliest Folks. Check them out on your next trip to Bisbee!

  5. Zelda Saxton(Zepeda)

    Bisbee Rocks!!! Take it from a girl that was born and bred there.

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