Friday Fotos… Mellow Yellow

Photo by Scott Carpentier

Happy Friday folks!

It’s been a mellow day at the office, so it seems only fitting that we kick off the weekend with our mellow-yellow inspired photographs. We received A LOT of photos this week, so thanks to everyone who shared — keep it up and don’t forget to “Like” us on Facebook, follow our editor Robert Stieve on Twitter and subscribe to this blog.

Thanks again and ENJOY!


Filed under Friday Fotos, Mother Nature, Photography

5 responses to “Friday Fotos… Mellow Yellow

  1. Great photos, really amazing!! 😉

  2. Fantastic work Scott! my compliments

  3. Wow, look at all these fabulous photos!! Great job everyone!

    Thanks for including my photo!

  4. Sue O'Donovan

    Thank you Scott…I am so proud of you and I found all the pictures so inspiring!

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