Celebrating Our Centennial: Arizona Highways Special Centennial Edition

If you loved the February 2012 issue of Arizona Highways, then you’re going to love our Special Centennial Edition of the magazine. This hard-bound book is sure to become a collector’s item, so buy your limited edition (that’s right: limited edition) copy for only $12.99.

The stories you’ll see include essays by Hugh Downs and Sandra Day O’Connor, as well as a history piece by state historian Marshall Trimble. Plus, 100 Years in Pictures illustrates the centennial with photographs beginning with a shot of Gila Academy’s Class of 1912. You’ll also have a centennial timeline that details some of the most interesting events of the last 100 years and the official 1912 state map.

As our editor Robert Stieve put it, “One hundred pages wasn’t enough…”

No, it wasn’t, but we think you’ll be delighted none the less with this very special book.


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7 responses to “Celebrating Our Centennial: Arizona Highways Special Centennial Edition

  1. I started reading this magazine in Janurary! I’m a huge fan! I will be sure to order a hard copy of the February issue because I really enjoyed it! I’m fairly new to Arizona, but like many I find myself to be very proud of where I’m from.

  2. MENON

    happy birthday to Arizona and Arizonians !!!!!
    marie-jeanne menon falled in love with this state and his jelewery (grand canyon, monument valley and so and do;..

  3. AWESOME—-state to visit and to live…Love the magazine!! Happy 100th.

  4. Jan

    There is no state in the union like Arizona. We moved here two years ago and there are still 100’s of places we haven’t been to yet. We live in the White Mountains and enjoy the 4 seasons, but the desert is every bit as beautiful. But what amazes us is the wilderness. It is still frontier. We take off on a drive on a dirt road and may drive for 60 miles and never see another soul. The solitude and quietness is deafening. There is no cell signal, you are alone and able to do some soul searching. The incredible blue sky and black night skies is unrivaled to anything I’ve ever seen. Happy Birthday Arizona! I’m proud to be an Arizonian.

  5. Gloria Levesque

    Notify me when I can order a centennial edition.

  6. Martha Pulizzano

    I was very dissappointed no notice was readily available about the Arizona Highways birthday edition and the Centennial books. Are these still available, and where can I obtain them?

    • Dear Martha,
      You can purchase the hard bound copy of our Centennial issue at our gift shop. The book is no longer available for purchase online. Our gift shop is located at 2039 West Lewis Avenue, Phoenix. Thank you!

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