Caption Contest: Logan Brumm’s Night Sky

Photo by Logan Brumm

Each month, Arizona Highways’ editors write captions to accompany the photographs we use in our stories. It can be a tricky task, so we thought we’d turn the tables. When we post a new photo here each month, you’ll have a chance to write its caption.

Write a good one, and you might earn an autographed copy of Editor Robert Stieve’s book, Arizona Highways Hiking Guide: 52 of Arizona’s Best Day Hikes for Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall.

This month, get inspired by Logan Brumm’s night sky, then post your caption in the comments section below.

Remember, a good caption tells the story of the photograph in 20-30 words (give or take). Feel free to be creative and have some fun with your words!

Your deadline: March 15. Remember, when it comes to a great caption, every word counts.



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31 responses to “Caption Contest: Logan Brumm’s Night Sky

  1. kevin

    Oops!!! Too much sprinkles on the cake.

  2. Bob Williams

    The glories of Arizona do not fade with the sunset

  3. Joy Autore

    Ghost Riders in the sky on a night of silence in Arizona.

  4. Helen R. Aguiniga-Grove

    The Rapture of Arizona’s Night Sky

  5. Celestial matter hangs cold and silent, suspended in orbit, cloaking the Arizona landscape in brilliance.

  6. “Falling For The Milky Way” – From Flagstaff’s Scholz Lake, the beginnings of the Perseid meteor shower captured in this starry view of the Milky Way creates the illusion of this meteor diving into the earth’s horizon, lit up by the glowing lights of Phoenix, 150 miles away.

  7. Celestial matter hangs cold and silent in an endless vacuum, cloaking the Arizona landscape in brilliance.

  8. jenn huff

    star light star bright, which star should i wish upon tonight?

  9. Sherry

    Arizona skies are a gift for us, make us imagine and wonder. Most of all they give us something to wish upon…

  10. Kathy Holton

    To fully appreciate Arizona’s natural beauty you also have to look up.

  11. Ancient luminaries radiate across the endless cosmos. Timeless sentinels in the Arizona sky.

  12. Susan J. Gorbett

    Arizona’s Reigning Stars, the common amongst celebrity.

  13. Jal Morriss

    Night sky meteor EXPLOSION in Arizona High Country

  14. Kara

    Dip your dreams in the glittery depths of Arizona’s mystic night sky. 

    • Kara

      Dip your dreams in the glittery depths of Arizona’s mystical night sky. Embrace your reality of being surrounded by the jagged, majestic mountains of our valley. 

  15. Ronald Morrison

    What you CAN”T see from Phoenix!

  16. Barbara Moore

    The hour midnight. The sight dazzling. Arizona skies know no time in which its beauty is not present.

  17. Leslie Boucher

    Like ingredients in a cosmic cauldron, elements brew to form this image of a celestial fountain gracing the Arizona horizon.

  18. Bette Jacobs

    Phienix Rising

  19. The beginning of a star nova and the end of the past.

  20. “I was there!”

    Oh wait – I was 🙂

    Thanks for the post guys and all the awesome comments!!!!

  21. andy gimino

    The brilliance of the milky way: celestial fire over the skies of arizona.

  22. When I consider the heavens…

  23. DD

    1. Nightly ascension
    2. Falling angel

  24. Stephen F Botel

    Looks like Photoshop??

  25. Harleston Runion

    The camera is carefully set, the lens is opened wide and 4.6 billion years of perfect timing recorded in a flash!

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