Friday Fotos (On Wednesday): A Case of the Reds

Photography by Saija

I guess you could say we had a case of the reds when we asked for your photographs of “red” …. thank you for sharing your images with us.

We received a lot of images so we weren’t able to include every single shot submitted, but we think you’ll enjoy this mix.

FYI, keep posting your photographs to our Facebook page and don’t forget to subscribe to our blog…

Happy New Year!


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4 responses to “Friday Fotos (On Wednesday): A Case of the Reds

  1. Marilyn Walsh

    Are you going to publish any more…? My new little red HHR was the first brand new car I ever owned and ordered it my way at the age of 67…I thought it was pretty important. I always had old and or very used cars until then…!! Thanks.

  2. Thank you so much, Arizona Highways, for selecting my image of Monument Valley ( for this week’s Friday Fotos. I am honored and it is sincerely appreciated! –Lisa Langell

  3. Thank you so much for featuring my photos! This was my first time submitting and I’m just thrilled that you, the best photography mag EVER, liked my work!
    Happy New Year!

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