Friday Fotos… Are You Ready to Light Up?

Photo by Glen Gieske | Camp Verde


We couldn’t believe how many photographs of “light” were posted to our Facebook page — truly unbelievable! Thank you to everyone who posted an image and we are sorry that we could not include every single shot on the blog… but it was great to see some new names — keep it up… go out and take more photographs and post them to our Facebook page (and don’t forget to “Like” us in the process).

And don’t forget, there is STILL time to enter the Arizona Highways Online Photography Contest. You have until December 15. Hey, if you’re posting them to Facebook, you should submit them to the contest… you never know, you could see your photo in the magazine.

Gorgeous work friends and thank you so much for sharing!

OK… presenting some brilliant examples of light!


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3 responses to “Friday Fotos… Are You Ready to Light Up?

  1. Vijayan chomatil

    How do I submit my photo?

  2. I saw the post about your current photo contest and would love to enter, but I’m a little concerned about putting together a proper submission. I read the information but I’m not “digitally educated” enough to know if my photo conforms to your guidelines. Is there somewhere (or somebody) that might be able to answer some questions? Thanks!

  3. said it on twitter but I’ll say it here – it’s a real bummer you only allow submissions through facebook!

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