Congrats To Our First Caption Contest Winner….

Photo by Josh Buchanan | Saguaro National Park East

Each month, the writers at Arizona Highways come up with captions for our many photographs… Well, we thought it would be fun to turn the tables and give YOU a chance to do the same.

Eays-peasy right? We post a photograph and you come up with something to describe the image…

Well, we have our very first winner!

Drum roll please…………..

CONGRATS Buddy Rice for your caption, “Dawn’s Early Light.”

Buddy, you’ve earned yourself an autographed copy of Editor Robert Stieve’s book, Arizona Highways Hiking Guide: 52 of Arizona’s Best Day Hikes for Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall. 

Keep an eye out for our next caption writing contest… to enter, simply pick up the January 2012 issue and scan the QR code in the Photography section of The Journal.


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7 responses to “Congrats To Our First Caption Contest Winner….

  1. That photo is stunningly beautiful

  2. Mary

    gorgeous photo – perfect timing!

  3. Josh Buchanan

    Congrats Buddy! Nice caption!

  4. Kat Hula Parks

    Are these photographs and their captions used in the print version of the Arizona Highways magazine, or only in the blog & Facebook page???

    I sent an email to the editor to ask, but have not received a reply. (My photo is the Mojave Rattlesnake that people are captioning this week.)

    • the photos are only used on the blog and facebook (which you posted to our wall).



      • Kat Hula Parks

        It would be cool to see the photos make it to a single page of the print mag. Since they are submitted to your FB page & blog, it would not be much more involved to put the winner each month on one page, or even half a page. Having their photo published with photographer credit by it, especially in AZ Highways, would be enough for most people to be happy (ecstatic)…

        I know that AZ Hwys is a very difficult magazine to get published, due to very high standards for your photos, as do most people, so it is something to consider. For some people, having one thing of theirs, especially a photograph, published in a world-renowned publication is a chance of a lifetime.
        Thank you!

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