Why Going Local First is Good

This weekend, come out to the Duck and Decanter in PHX and celebrate locally owned businesses at the 7th Annual Certified Local Fall Festival presented by Local First Arizona. This is a fantastic opportunity to support those local businesses (think Zia Records, Desert Song Yoga, Noble Beast Pet Boutique, Bookmans, Smeeks Candy Shop and a WHOLE lot more) that help boost the state’s economy.

Local First Arizona is the largest dues-paying alliance of independent businesses in the country, working to strengthen communities and local economies through supporting, maintaining and celebrating locally owned business throughout the state.

Now, you might think buying local costs more or maybe it doesn’t really impact our economy very much… Well, think again. We spoke with Kimber Lanning, the Founder and Executive Director of Local First Arizona, about this weekend’s event and why buying local is a very good thing.

Why should Arizonans care about purchasing local?
Dollars spent locally circulate up to three times more in the local economy. When someone chooses to buy locally, that local business owner in turn hires a local attorney, accountant, graphic designer, PR company and/or sign maker to help support their business. This keeps money re-circulating locally and helps creates jobs.

How did this festival get started?
Seven years ago, we decided we needed a “day to celebrate Arizona,” and so we called some of our members and the festival was born.

How can buying local make a difference within the community?
Buying locally keeps more dollars at home and creates more tax revenues for things like libraries, schools and fire departments. In addition, jobs and opportunities are created when local businesses thrive.

What are some local brands that people may already be familiar with?
Hickman’s Eggs, Harkins’ Theaters, Bashas’ and Food City, Shamrock Dairy products, China Mist Tea, Community Tire, are just a few you may have heard of.

What can folks expect from the festival?
Over 60 local vendors including Bookman’s, Frances, Practical Art, Kidstop Toys, Mountainside Fitness and more will be on hand; 15 of the best restaurants in town will be giving out free food samples, including Postino, Spinato’s, America’s Taco, Green, St Francis, and more; there will be live music, a beer and wine garden serving up Arizona wine and beer; and fun stuff for kids of all ages, including a craft booth, rock climbing wall and a bounce house.

Some people may think local costs more to buy… Is this true?
It’s definitely not always more expensive to buy locally. Harkins’ Theaters, for example, is the exact same price as their national competitor. Local tireshops, pharmacies, services of all kinds and, of course, things like Hickman’s Eggs are not more expensive. There are also lots of local second hand businesses like Bookman’s, Changing Hands, Buffalo Exchange and more.

Where: Duck and Decanter, 1651 E Camelback, Phoenix
When: Saturday, Nov 12
Time: 10am-4pm
Cost: FREE


>>Photo by Rick D’Elia of D’Elia Photographic © 2010

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