We Love Our Interns at Arizona Highways

Photo by Rick Burress — Intern Molly Smith takes aim with her camera for an upcoming issue of Arizona Highways.

Ever wonder what life at Arizona Highways is like for an intern?

Well, we thought we’d show you what photo intern (and sometimes Arizona Highways cover model) Molly Smith gets to do… she gets a hands-on, real-world opportunity to put together the magazine. Here, Molly is shooting something (we can’t say what just yet) for our February issue.

So, next time you flip through an issue of the magazine, remember it took hard work, time, plenty of laughter and few fantastic interns like Molly to create what you’re holding in your hands.

Molly checking out what she just shot.


Photo Editor Jeff Kida offers Molly some tips to get the best shot.


Associate Editor Kathy Ritchie is checking in on the action.


Molly shows Creative Director Barb Denney her handy work.

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