Celebrating Our Centennial: 24th Annual Catfish Rodeo and Nature Fair

In honor of our upcoming Centennial, we’ll be posting blogs featuring events (both big and small from across Arizona), news, fun factoids, photos and more leading up to our BIG 100 in February — and by the way, please share with us! If you know of an upcoming “Official Centennial Event” or have an old photo tucked away somewhere, LET US KNOW!

First up… Got nothing going on this Saturday? Not sure what do with the kids… well, why not take a drive to Yuma for the 24th Annual Catfish Rodeo and Nature Fair where kids will have the chance to catch catfish all while getting fishing pointers from members of the Yuma Optimist Club and the Arizona Game and Fish Department.

The dets behind this Official Centennial Event:

When: Saturday, 10/22

Time: 7:00am – Noon

Location: West Wetlands Park, 282 N. 12th Avenue, Yuma

Everyone is also invited to take part in the Nature Fair that will be located on the west side of the pond. Many activities are scheduled for the morning that are sure to be fun and educational for the entire family. Kids will have the opportunity to try archery, learn about fun safety, and learn about animals that live in our Desert environment.

After the event, why not partake in more of what Yuma has to offer… And whatever you do, don’t let naysayers sway you from exploring this town because there’s actually a lot going on.

  • Enjoy a REALLY good burrito at Chili Pepper. Information: 1030 W 24th St # A, Yuma; 928-783-4213 ‎
  • Walk through the once infamous Yuma Territorial Prison — your kids will love this place, and you’ll dig the history.
  • Pop by Old Town Wine Cellar and pick up a bottle of some interesting wine from around the globe. Information: 265 S. Main Street, Suite E, Yuma; 928-373-0405

Flickr pic by Rhea C.

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One response to “Celebrating Our Centennial: 24th Annual Catfish Rodeo and Nature Fair

  1. Wow, some neat ideas… makes me want to go to Yuma this weekend!

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