If You’re In the Area… Try Sparkroot in Tucson

Last Thursday, the Arizona Highways crew took off for Tucson… Robert, our editor, was scheduled to appear on KVOA, and I had a bit of research to do on the way down for an upcoming Scenic Drive. With some time to kill before we hit the KVOA studios, we decided to park ourselves somewhere in hopes of getting a little work done… that’s when we discovered a fabulous coffee shop called Sparkroot on Congress Street in downtown Tucson.

Sparkroot is hip, yet delightfully mellow… and by “hip” I mean the place has a “Zooey Deschanel-vibe to it — you can’t help but like it — versus being way-too-cool-in-an-annoying-and-pretentious-kind of way… make sense?

The two story loft space is open and airy, with an old-school Wurlitzer jukebox tucked in a corner. There’s plenty of seating, and, more importantly, outlets for computer plugs and WiFi. The staff working behind the counter were also lovely… very sweet, helpful and willing to climb stairs to deliver your beverage or food of choice.

Besides offering just a solid cuppa joe or iced joe (as Managing Editor Kelly Kramer can attest to), Sparkroot also serves up tea (the lemon souffle rooibos was pure yum), wine, beer and food… sorry meat eaters, this place if veggie friendly.

So next time you’re in Tucson and you need to take a coffee break, pop by Sparkroot… thumbs up in a MAJOR way!

>>Flickr pic by PoYang

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One response to “If You’re In the Area… Try Sparkroot in Tucson

  1. I hope more folks from Phoenix take time to go down to Tucson for a day or three. Tucsonans are super-friendly and rightfully proud of their city, which is homey and welcoming and full of neat surprises. And the drive down is great along I-10, but the Tom Mix highway is a less-traveled scenic route worth the extra few minutes. You can’t lose!

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