It’s Friday… Stay Cool WithThese AZ Photos

Image courtesy of Betsy Batish

Who says Arizona is one big desert with no water? Well, we have plenty of H2O as you can see by these amazing images!

Thank you to everyone who submitted their photographs of water… Here’s hoping these shots will keep everyone feeling cool… or, better yet, inspire you to check out some of the many watering holes in our state…

Keep an eye out of Facebook for our next photo Friday request…


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3 responses to “It’s Friday… Stay Cool WithThese AZ Photos

  1. Buddy Rice

    We loved all of the photos, what a bunch of talented photographers! We agree with your choice of “Photo of the Day” – Ribbon Falls by Betsy Batish. I have been to Ribbon Falls a # of times and have taken a # of photos there. Ms. Batish’s photo truly captures the essence of it, and from an unusual angle.

  2. Suzanne Leahy

    The “Photo of the Day” is simply breathtaking. Betsy Batish captures the serenity of the place along with the power of the water. Great choice!

  3. Amy rose

    What movie grossed the most this year (The mummy) or alien covenent, or maybe emoji the movie.

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