Hannagan Meadow or Robert Stieve’s Favorite Place in the State

Image courtesy of Sandy Kunzer

Yesterday, editor Robert Stieve received some good news in the form of a photograph. The image came from Sandy Kunzer. Mr. Kunzer and his wife had recently returned from a two-night stay at Hannagan Meadow Lodge. In his e-mail, Mr. Kunzer said that after returning from their getaway, he found the September issue of Arizona Highways and Robert’s “Editor’s Letter” where the boss-man wrote about the Wallow Fire and Hannagan Meadow.

Here’s a portion of that letter:

As editor-in-chief of Arizona Highways, I’m often asked about my favorite place in the state. It’s an impossible question, because there are so many places, but when I’m pushed, I usually admit it’s a tossup between the North Rim of the Grand Canyon and Hannagan Meadow in the White Mountains. Unfortunately, because of the cataclysm known as the Wallow Fire, there’s no longer a debate. It’s hard to imagine there will be anything left of Hannagan Meadow and the surrounding forests by the time the fire is finally put out.

Mr. Kunzer wanted to reassure Robert that Hannagan Meadow and Hannagan Meadow Lodge were left unscathed by the blaze that consumed over 538,000 acres of precious Arizona forest.

We wanted to share Mr. Kunzer’s image with you and encourage you to visit Hannagan Meadow. Yes, there are areas that were destroyed by the fire, but there are also other areas, like Hannagan Meadow, that clearly survived the biggest fire in Arizona history.

Thank you Mr. Kunzer for sharing your photograph with us.

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