Good News: Trails Open Post Wallow Fire

Good news coming from the Apache and Sitgreaves National Forests… the Mt. Baldy trails, including West Baldy, East Baldy and Baldy Crossover, are once again open for hiker and equestrian use. While the trails are back in business, downed trees across the trail at multiple locations may present difficulties for hikers as well as horses. Another friendly FYI, as with all wilderness trails, no mountain bikes or motorized vehicles are allowed.

The Wallow Fire, which burned for over 40 days and charred more than 538,000 acres of land, was human caused and still under investigation.


>>Flickr pic by Al_HikesAZ

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One response to “Good News: Trails Open Post Wallow Fire

  1. Eric Beltran

    Yay! I’ll have to guess what will really happen to this whole area in years to come! I pretty sure the governor and alot of city business men would have some great development plans in which to destroy this area much like Payson and Pinetop! There is alot of room for big homes ranch resorts and from the governor face everytime you saw her in the area it was all smiles! I bet alot of newcomers to the state mainly back east were glad to see this fire just means modern developments! As i see it and think about this beautiful area in which I grow up that over the years it was heading this way any way! gone what was basically untouched forest and now easy prey for the Wolves! lol Not those one cause if ya remember people would allow them to live their! yet i am sure these wolves will be welcomed with open arms! Now if they can extend that copper mine some more north and burn down the Blue primitive area they’ll have it all! maybe free or almost free like the cattle ranchers have done and able to use for so many years! Very sad this see such a amazing place destroyed!

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