You Asked… More Best of AZ


Tom White | Sunset

A huge thank you to everyone who shared their Best of AZ images with us. The response was tremendous and we received  several more images post our 7pm deadline… We thought you’s like to check them out…. pretty impressive (our colleague was especially taken with the kitten shot, but she is quite fond of cats):


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4 responses to “You Asked… More Best of AZ

  1. Thank you for including my photos of Lost Dutchman with Monsoon clouds and me looking out over Horseshoe Bend. To see more of my work you can come to my Gallery in Scottsdale or go to my webpage ( or Facebook page: – thank you!!!!!!!

  2. Wow, what absolutely stunning photography. Thanks for posting such a wonderful variety of pictures.

  3. C Wendt

    Is there any way that the ‘best of’ photos could be made into a TV screen saver format? It would be a fabulous way to view them and add some wonderful Arizona culture to anyplace.

  4. Lizabeth smith

    Can anyone tell me where Logan Brumm’s photos are taken?

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