We’re Officially the Grand Canyon State

Nancy Van Doren James

Photo by Nancy Van Doren James, South Rim, Grand Canyon

It’s time to celebrate… HB 2019 has officially passed!

So, you’re probably wondering, “What is HB 2019 and how will it affect me, my family, my pocketbook?” Good question. Believe it or not, HB 2019 is the bill that was passed in the Arizona House to make our state nickname — The Grand Canyon State — official.

Turns out that motto on your license plate was never really legit (given that we have an “official” piece of neckware — the bola tie — you’d think this would have already been taken care of).

This bit of legislation is actually a very good thing because some states have been known to “borrow” another state’s nickname. Shame on you Florida for stealing the Land of Enchantment’s original moniker.

The push to make the nickname official originated with the state’s historian, Marshall Trimble. Next up? The measure goes to the Senate and then to Governor Jan Brewer.

So, what do you think of our official state nickname?

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