Going to the All Star Game? Pick Up Your Opus

It’s that time of year again… it’s the second Tuesday in July, it’s hot and steamy outside and players from the National League and the American League are set to go head-to-head this evening in the 82nd Major League All-Star Game at Chase Field here in Phoenix.

For baseball fans or the individual who likes to hang out with friends and family, this event equals tons o’ fun. For baseball collectors or über enthusiasts, The Official Major League Baseball Opus Classic Edition equals 26 pounds of bound baseball history.

The Opus features over 400 pages, approximately 400 photographs, including many hidden jewels from MLB’s archives, accompanied by 60,000 words comprising classic excerpts from the memoirs of notable players and specially-commissioned features by leading writers such as Steve Wulf, Roger Kahn, Robert Creamer and Jayson Stark.

OK, let’s revisit. 26 pounds of baseball history. That’s a lot of history… now, let’s put things into perspective here…

1 gallon of water = 8 pounds. 1 Opus = 3.25 gallons of water

The average weight of a newborn is 7 pounds…. 3.75 newborns = 1 Opus (plus a little extra).

26 pounds = 52 cups of sugar. That’s a lot of sugar.

Learn more about the Opus here…

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