Holy Haboob!

For folks living in and around Phoenix, Mother Nature put on quite a show last night. A massive dust storm blew into town — we’re talking wind gusts of around 50-60mph — leaving a bit of a mess in its wake. Phoenix Sky Harbor was shut down for about an hour and parts of the Valley lost power… who knows what tonight will bring, but if you have any images from last night’s haboob, please share! We’ll be collecting images and creating our 2011 Dust Bowl slide show. You can send your images to kritchie@azdot.gov.

>>Image courtesy of Victoria Coughlin


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65 responses to “Holy Haboob!

  1. I got some amazing photos last night. Ill be sure to send them in!

  2. Hot Damn!!!! looks crazzyy fantastic… 🙂

  3. Holy…wow! Is this a regular occurrence in this area? I’ve never seen anything like it — and I only live a state away!


    • Hahaha! I live in Phoenix, Mikalee (was even born here), and I can tell you, while dust storms are a regular occurence during monsoon season, THIS was quite a show. I’ve never seen ANYTHING like it before.

  4. OMG! That s creepy & amazing in one! Great Pic!

  5. Biscuiteer

    That’s an awesome picture! In England the clouds just sort of….. float. And they wouldn’t dream of being made of dust.

  6. Hoping you get more pics! Congrats on being FP!

  7. Wow! This makes me glad I live on the East Coast! That picture is spectacular!

  8. Yikes, I heard about this but hadn’t seen pictures. Thanks for sharing.

  9. Whoa!! It looks like something from The Mummy! (Movie that is… not some random mom….)

  10. Wow! That’s an amazing photo. I’ve never seen a dust storm in real life.

  11. This is so fascinating – will you post all the pictures you receive?

  12. I’ve lived in Arizona my entire life and had never seen something like that before. My friends and I were trapped in a restaraunt for two hours because there was zero visibility when they opened the door.

    This isn’t mine, but it’s an AMAZING time-lapse shot of the wall of dust rolling in: http://vimeo.com/26045314

  13. It is amazing what the weather can do.

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  15. Order of Sort

    Looks like an end of the world photo.

  16. That image is wicked scary! Really good shot of mother nature’s fury.

  17. Waaahh! That’s pretty crazy!

  18. wow, great photo. Lucky us peeps in england dont get anyhting like that.

  19. It looks like the scene in The Mummy where the desert just turns to a big wall of dust and engulfs everything in its path. Looks more like a scene from a movie. Wow.

  20. I’ve just finished reading a Stephen King book and that picture (A good photo BTW) creeps me out. The reason why is the cloud in King’s book sounds almost the same as the scary looking cloud in your picture.*Sudder*
    Did the the cloud sweep by your house?

  21. Thomas

    The worst dust storm I’ve seen! We have had times in Fort Worth that Odessa blows into town, but nothing like that.
    BTW I lived in Phoenix (Deer Valley, I think it was called) as a teenager for a short while. The lightning displays are awesome too.

  22. Thanks for the comments! We’ve added more pics of the haboob so please take a look and thank you for supporting Arizona Highways!


  23. Great photo of a really intense storm. We have been busy pressure washing and cleaning up the aftermath of this monster all week.

  24. This is an amazing picture. It can only make me imagine how nerve-wrecking it must be to see something like that in person.

  25. I was in the middle of that thing. House vibrating, lights flickering. My boyfriend lost complete power. It was insane! But cool to now say I was there. 🙂

  26. What madness! That dust must get everywhere. Does it do any damage to vehicles, homes and stuff in the yard?
    As a bit of a dust hater I don’t think I could live there due to the fact all I would be doing is cleaning all the time LOL.
    Victoria, BC Canada doesn’t get things like that. We get wind storms, but it just blow down trees and anything that isn’t tied down

  27. that’s insane! i’ve never seen such a thing!

  28. I was extremely tempted to just go stand out there and watch, but the thought of me being carried away by such a powerful windstorm kind of changed my mind.

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  30. Beautiful photo of a messy storm. I’m still cleaning that dirt out of the pool. hahaha. And the port-o-potty at first reminded me of the TARDIS. 🙂

  31. A wonderful picture indeed. I have heard about but not seen. Share more what you have in store.

  32. I have never in my life seen anything like that before…

  33. I watched this on the news, and I wonder about “global warming” now!

  34. I like your Masthead pic

    font color is a lil too light though

  35. I am really wondering what the Bible says:….when is the world going to end….we are already having too many earth quakes, floods, and must I go on…Global Warming is here…look at the world….

  36. WOW, I have never seen something like that. Must be quite an experience and it must leave a real mess afterwards. Great photos. I think I will just stay in Thailand a bit longer lol http://allansjourney.wordpress.com

  37. I hope the dust don’t cause too much damage 😦

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  39. The pictures are amazing and quite forbidding as well! I hope the clean-up isn’t too intense, but climate change is going to wreak havoc all over! It seems like most of the summer storms we’ve been having in New England have been micro-bursts causing severe damage in some places.

  40. great post , love it, i really learned a lot from your article

  41. Wow~~i never see anything like this. but the pic looks very beautiful…haha~~

  42. looks beautiful and dangerous.

  43. WOW anything outdoor must have been sandblasted… congratulations on FP

  44. Looks kinda scary! Good job!

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  46. Wow, great capture. My Grandparents live in Lake Havasu and my grandmother has been saying the dust bothers my grandpa. Hope some moisture passes their way soon!

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  48. It made it all the way to australia for our 6pm news!

  49. Its crazy man! like REM said:
    “That’s great, it starts with an earthquake, birds and snakes, an aeroplane and Lenny Bruce is not afraid.
    Eye of a hurricane,…” http://www.rethinkyourthoughts.wordpress.com

  50. Wonderful photos, impressive scene!!

  51. I feel sorry 4 them 😦 Wish I could help…….

  52. OMG! That s creepy & amazing in one! Great Pic!

  53. Rickster

    Wow that is.. scary yet so cool. Would’ve been sweet to be there. =P

  54. montagua

    I watched this on the news the day after it happened. Though it was cool to see, I know it damaged a lot of people, places, and things. I feel sorry for and pray for all of the families affected by this.

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