Thinking of the Beauty that is Arizona

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I can’t believe yet another wildfire is burning—this time the blaze is located near Sierra Vista. The Monument Fire has already led to evacuations and, according to, is moving pretty fast thanks to the high winds that are fanning this third inferno along.

With the Wallow Fire still burning—I hear it has scorched nearly 500,000 acres and is only 33% contained—I just felt sad, and a little sick. We live in one of the most beautiful places in the country, and yet as I write this, parts of our gorgeous state are being destroyed by flames.

So, when I got into the office this morning, I jumped on Flickr and went straight to our photo stream. I just wanted to scroll through some of the magnificent images taken by our many fabulous photographers…

Check out the slideshow… pretty impressive, dontchya think?

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