Wallow Fire Eclipses Rodeo-Chediski

We received these two images from amateur photographer Mason Byrne… and, if the billowing plumes of smoke are any indication, the devastation on the ground must be absolutely horrific.

UPDATE: The Wallow Fire is now the largest wildfire to ravage the state, eclipsing the Rodeo-Chediski blaze of 2002. The Wallow Fire has burned more than more than 469,000 acres in Arizona and New Mexico.

Although the fire is only about 18% contained, according to officials, there is a silver lining. To date, only 31 homes have been lost to the fire. Rodeo-Chediski consumed 465 homes.

Taken from the shore at Hawley Lake.

Taken on HWY 260 15 miles east of Showlow, AZ.


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4 responses to “Wallow Fire Eclipses Rodeo-Chediski

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  3. Jan

    Sorry to see this beautiful part of AZ for the first time in photos of it burning.

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