What Are You Doing This Weekend? We Say Eat!

The weekend is right around the corner and we’re willing to bet, YOU’RE HUNGRY! Sounds like a culinary adventure is in order, which is perfect because it’s Arizona SPRING Restaurant WeekTranslation: you can nosh on a three course, prix-fixe meal for only $30 or $40 (per person).

But foodies, take note: you only have until May 22 to enjoy some good eats. We have to say, we’re pretty impressed with the number of participating restaurants. A great mix of places, locations, cuisine and vibe—from classic, old-school joints like Durant’s to a few of the new kids on the block… can you say Beckett’s Table?

A quick side note: our Associate Editor is thrilled that her favorite Italian eatery, Aiello’s, is on the list. Thumbs up Joe!

So tell us, which restaurant will you be hitting up this weekend?

>>Flickr pic by Rail Life


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3 responses to “What Are You Doing This Weekend? We Say Eat!

  1. WOW! So many places to choose from! Thanks for sharing. omnomnomnomnom

  2. I do love Durante’s – it’s great for “fancy dates.” When you’re there, you’re taken back to the Phoenix of the late 60s/early 70s. And if your date can’t handle retro, you find out quickly you have to dump someone.

  3. Why is it called ARIZONA Restaurant Week? Should be PHOENIX Restaurant Week, as that is where all the places are.

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