Arizona Highways Overseas

Sergeant Gregory McDowell with several copies of Arizona Highways.

In December, we received the email, below, from Sergeant Gregory McDowell, a member of the United States Army serving in Afghanistan. We sent Sgt. McDowell and his fellow  soldiers a box of magazines, which arrived before Christmas, and the sergeant has kindly maintained his correspondence with the magazine’s staff. He even sent a photo of himself with the magazines. Thanks, Sgt. McDowell. We wish you and all of our overseas soldiers a safe journey home.


I’m a U.S. Service member currently stationed in Afghanistan. I’ve spent most of my time deployed, or on the eastern end of the USA in the last 6 years. I, only recently, was able to get back to Arizona, but got deployed shortly after. The service kept me busy even in my home state, so I’ve missed missed the natural beauty of my home state.

In a care package sent to us by some grade-school students in Buckeye, AZ, I got a few older issues of Arizona Highways. As I thumbed through, I saw pictures that made me miss home a lot, but also reminded me of where I come from, and what I can do see when I get home after this deployment is over.

I was wondering if you had any photo packages that could be sent via e-mail. They would help to show me pieces of home in these last 4 months of my deployment.

Sergeant Gregory McDowell
U.S. Army


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3 responses to “Arizona Highways Overseas

  1. I wanted to say a heart-felt “Thank You,” again to Kelly and Arizona Highways.

    The materials sent out here were instrumental in brightening a particularly rough time. That, and they were very helpful in planning my return vacation.

    -Thank you,

    A Grateful Soldier

  2. Alice

    Ah okay so what your saying is you sent a bunch of guys in the desert, a bunch of magazines about the desert? Hhaha just kidding. As a reserve member who’s served in the middle east and also grew up in Arizona I would have loved to received copies of this wonderful magazine while oversees. Sure do like sharing it with my friends on Facebook. Thanks for sending copies to the troops. 🙂

  3. Southwest Travelers

    This is a great place to camp out if you like the dry air. The cactusses in Arizona are quite nice too.

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