Arizona’s National Conservation Award

The following information was provided by the Bureau of Land Management:

The Wilderness Society’s BLM Action Center announced ten new recipients of an annual award identifying significant first steps and meaningful permanent protections for western lands.

“This year the BLM moved forward with many priorities for The Wilderness Society, such as reforming the agency’s oil and gas program and protecting national monuments and other components of our National Conservation Lands,” said Nada Culver, BLM Action Center Director. “We spend much of the year taking the agency to task on these issues, and we enjoy taking this time of year to acknowledge the successes we’ve seen for our public lands.”

The CAPE rating system, inspired by the superhero-like character of the TWS’ BLM Action Center team (able to leap tall stacks of Resource Management Plans (RMPs) in a single bound), ranges from one CAPE on the low end (worth a pat on the back) to five CAPEs on the high end (huge progress—way to go!!).

Recipients of this year’s CAPE Awards include:

Recipient: Rem Hawes, Monument Manager and the Monument Staff– Services Agua Fria National Monument Curtails Damage from ORVs (1 CAPE)

“We’re encouraged to see the BLM making important progress this year towards protecting our western wildlands,” said Culver. “These landscapes are treasured by all Americans for hiking, hunting, and their breathtaking scenery. The CAPE Awards are our way of recognizing the agency for taking action to protect wilderness-quality lands and other important resources.”

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