Going Solo

Just one of the views from Mingus Mountain Campground.

Sometimes a girl needs a road trip, so today, in honor of my one-year anniversary with the magazine, I hit the road to do some research for my upcoming Arizona Highways Camping Guide. My plan was simple:

– Drive from Phoenix to Prescott.

– Pick up my younger cousin in Prescott.

– Travel with said cousin up Mingus Mountain to tour the Mingus Mountain and Potato Patch campgrounds.

– Eat lunch.

– Drop off aforementioned cousin back in Prescott.

– Head home.

Mission accomplished. Easy breezy. It doesn’t seem like much to gloat about, but for me, it is. You see,  I always have my dad’s voice in the back of my head when I’m embarking on something like this (he will forever be known to me and my sister as “Captain Safety): “Eyes on the road. Both hands on the wheel. Keep the music turned down. No excessive chatting.” And on and on and on and on.  I am forever nervous that I will miss a turn, or drive too fast or — oh the terror! — get lost. I’m no Magellan, but I managed OK today — with a little help from my cousin.

I admit that I did crank the stereo a little bit on my drive home (sometimes Bowie’s just better at 75 mph), but I also:

Mingus Lake

– Drove a road I’ve never driven before.

– Saw two beautiful campgrounds.

– Inhaled views of not-so-distant Sedona.

– Ate a monster, amazingly delicious sandwich at one of my favorite Prescott restaurants, Pangaea Bakery.

– Got stuck behind a fedora-wearing man in a very tiny car who was accompanied by two massive Great Danes (strange fascination, fascinate me).

– Made it home by 3:30 with a box of Pangaea treats in hand, thus winning “wife of the year” accolades from my husband.

All in all, I’d say it was a good day and a good drive. And, if you have the chance, visit the Mingus Mountain Campground. It’s a winner.

— Kelly Kramer, Associate Editor

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  1. Sounds heavenly your cousin and yourself are fortunate to have such opportunity to see all the beauty of Arizona has to offer! I commend you on a trip well done. I hope you continue to have many more in the days weeks months and years to come.

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