One Weekend, One Adventure

Juniper, wildflowers and big sky near Fool Hollow Lake.

This weekend, my husband and I loaded up our young son and hit the road to do some research for my book, Arizona Highways’ upcoming camping guide. The plan was to travel from our home in Phoenix to the White Mountains via Payson, stay the night in Hannagan Meadow, then return to Phoenix via the Upper Salt River Canyon and Globe — all the while touring nearly 30 campgrounds. Mission accomplished. Here, a snapshot of the adventure:

Duration of Trip: 36 hours

Hours Spent in the Car: 23

Miles Traveled: 760

Maps Consulted: 4

Campgrounds Visited: 26

Forest Roads Traveled: 29

U.S. Highways Traveled: 2

State Routes Traveled: 5

Counties Visited: 7

Deer Spotted: 4

Wild Turkeys Spotted: 5

Elk Bugles Overheard: 2

Slices of Peach Cobbler Consumed: 1

Word Count of Notes Taken: 5,817

Toddler Temper Tantrums Endured: 0

These cows wanted to come back to Phoenix with us.

Although we blinked and the weekend and the adventure were over, we were grateful for such a wonderful experience. We explored places that my Wisconsin-raised husband had never been, places that I hadn’t visited since I was a child. And, what’s even better, our son ran around in the pines and the aspens, heard elk bugle and moo’d along with some cows who just didn’t want to get out of the road. It was a wonderful, memorable getaway along the Arizona highways.

— Kelly Kramer, Associate Editor


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4 responses to “One Weekend, One Adventure

  1. Janice

    Good Morning Kelly,

    How absolutely cool is that! Thanks for sharing! I love the detailed information!

    Have a marvelous Monday!


  2. michelle

    I love Hannagan’s meadow!

  3. michelle

    love!!! Hannagan’s meadow!

  4. Leslie

    That is quite an accomplishment, especially the zero toddler temper tantrums!

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