5 Questions for Creative Director Barb Denney

Arizona Highways' Creative Director Barb Denney

If you were a font, what font would you be?

I’m definitely a serif font. In fact, I’m Mrs. Eaves, our logo font. I used to be Trajan. I’d like to be a sans serif font — Gotham Light, maybe — but I’m not part of that generation.

When you’re not designing beautiful magazines, what are you doing?

Looking at and reading magazines. I love them. I was born into a magazine family. My dad was a media buyer for a big agency in NYC, so we had every magazine in our house. I started cutting them up to make collages when I was 5 years old. If I’m not doing something magazine-related, I’m probably planting water lilies, pruning the tomato plants and avoiding rattlesnakes.

What’s your favorite Arizona Highways cover?

September 2008. I love the image. I wish it had our new logo on it.

If you were to put five things in a time capsule that wouldn’t be opened until 2060, what would they be?

– Our November 2010 “Then & Now” issue.

– VHS tapes of my children when they were very young. They’d be in their 70s watching them.

– A can of Diet Coke — bet it would still be good.

– My purse. It’s a time capsule now.

– My boyfriend’s babganoush. I bet it would last, too.

– My beautiful new 17-inch MacBook Pro.

If you were a movie character, who would you be?

I’ve been told I’m Samantha from Sex in the City I, but, sadly, I think I’m more Frances McDormand from Almost Famous.

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One response to “5 Questions for Creative Director Barb Denney

  1. Ms. Denney,

    If you had to design a magazine that would save the world and your only subject matter was your choice of clowns, or Michael Landon wrestling a giant squid, which would you pick?

    Thank you.

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