Help Us Help Our State Parks

Slide Rock State Park, Sedona, by Derek Von Briesen

Dear Readers,

You’ve no doubt heard about the funding crisis that is threatening the very existence of many of Arizona’s 30 State Parks.  While many people have decried the funding reductions and rural areas are struggling to keep their parks open, we feel launching an international effort to entice visitors and residents to Arizona will be extremely productive.  We want to draw outdoor enthusiasts from around the world to join our social networks and bring their positive energy and families together.

Both State agencies were created decades ago to generate tourism for Arizona, so teaming up to utilize Arizona Highways magazine, the state’s premier tourism-oriented publication, to reach out and engage outdoor–loving visitors will offer new, tangible ways to support parks.  The magazine’s world-famous photography of Arizona’s stunning landscapes along with the stories being read and shared in offices and homes around the country, will bring new explorers.  So take the time to get involved in our plan.  Sign up for our Twitter and Facebook pages and buy an Arizona Highways subscription for a long-distance family member or friend.

Arizona Highways will partner with the Arizona State Parks Foundation (501c3) to provide some immediate assistance to the State Parks.  Here’s how the program works.  Visit either the Arizona State Parks Web site or the Arizona Highways Web site. When you click on the “Save our Parks” icon and pay for a $24 subscription to Arizona Highways, a $5 contribution will be made directly to the Arizona State Parks Foundation. Be sure to use the special promotion code you’ll find on the Website.

If you are a current subscriber, the term of your subscription will be extended by one year and when you pay for that extension, a $5 contribution will be made to the Arizona State Parks Foundation. You can even specify which park you wish to support. And as long as you maintain the subscription and use the special promotion code, that same $5 will go to the Foundation. That means each year you enjoy your subscription to Arizona Highways Magazine, $5 will go to the Foundation. This same offer also applies to every gift subscription you give to anyone, anywhere in the world.

A significant benefit of this program is the funds generated are not subject to reduction or redirection by elected officials because the money goes directly to the Arizona State Parks Foundation. So you can be confident that every dollar will go to support our State Parks.

We hope you will take advantage of this offer right away. If you prefer, you may even call the Arizona Highways toll-free customer service number and start your subscription immediately. Dial 1-800-543-5432. Be sure to have the special promotion code handy.

Thank you for your support of Arizona State Parks and Arizona Highways magazine!

Best Regards,

Renee E. Bahl                                                                      Win Holden

Executive Director                                                             Publisher

Arizona State Parks                                                           Arizona Highways magazine

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  1. arlo washington

    can’t find the promotion code for $5 donation to AZ parks when subscribing.

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