Wildflower Shooting Tip #4: Macro Mania

With all the rain we’ve been getting, the Sonoran Desert will likely explode with color soon. One of my favorite ways to make great images is to get up close and personal with my subject and fill the frame from top to bottom with those colorful beauties. The best way is with a macro lens. Nikon, Canon and Sony make some great lenses in the $1,000 range, while Tamron and Sigma offer great models in the $500 range. These are true Macro lenses at 1:1, meaning the image on the sensor is the same size as the object being photographed.

If you don’t want to spend a large amount of money, purchase a close-up lens/filter set, they are inexpensive and work great. Canon, Nikon, Tiffen and B+W all make a fine product.  They come in a +1, +3 and +5, and you can stack them for even closer results.

If you want to spend the money for a flash unit, purchase a macro ring flash, which usually consists of two parts: a shoe-mount unit mounted on a hot shoe and a circular flash unit mounted on the front of a lens. This will give you the best even light and some great results. Always use a good stable tripod and your cable release for optimal results. Good luck — now get out there!

Morey Milbradt, contributing photographer

To view some of Milbradt’s photography, visit www.bigwidepictures.com.

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