More Than Just a Magazine

For 85 years, Arizona Highways magazine has explored every corner of the state, as well as the unique characters who have contributed to its history and culture. But Arizona Highways is more than just a magazine. The mission of Arizona Highways as an organization is to promote travel around the state. Historically, we’ve done that through our magazines, books and calendars. Today, like so many other publications, we’re taking advantage of the Internet to do even more. We have an extensive Web site that zeroes in on our mission, and we’re also using social media, especially Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and our blog, to reach a larger audience.

It’s working. According to the most recent research study, which was done independently of Arizona Highways, the magazine pumps $35 million a year into the state economy. That’s direct revenue. For example, a reader sees a story in the magazine about a restaurant in Flagstaff, visits that restaurant and spends $35 … if you add up all of the dollars spent as a result of the stories in our magazine, it totals $35 million annually. And every penny of that comes at no cost to taxpayers.

Sadly, Arizona Highways is not immune to the budget cuts that have played so heavily in the news of late. The organization operates out of an enterprise fund, which means we’re self-funded — we’re not appropriated by the legislature, and we’re not funded by taxpayers. Nonetheless, we are subject to fund sweeps by the legislature, and the impact of those sweeps has been significant. Over the past 12 years, the legislature has swept more than $8 million from Arizona Highways, and the loss of those funds has severely affected our way of doing business. We’re no longer able to do the kind of direct marketing that magazines must do to maintain current subscribers and attract new ones. This magazine is a tremendous asset to the state, and that asset is in serious jeopardy.

You can help. Visit our website at and subscribe today. Tell your friends. Tell your family. Purchase gift subscriptions. Your readership is important to the future of Arizona Highways, and we appreciate your support.


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2 responses to “More Than Just a Magazine

  1. Does anyone know how to change the legislation that would keep the state from sweeping funds? They also took over 9 million in the last two years from the ROC’s privately paid savings account to protect homeowners from unscrupulous contractors.

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