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We’re excited to be a part of the Fifth Annual “Certified Local” Fall Festival tomorrow, November 7, at the Duck & Decanter in Phoenix. There will be free food, live music and plenty of other things. The event is presented by Local First Arizona, a wonderful organization, of which Arizona Highways is a part. The other day on Twitter, Local First passed along a question asking where Arizona Highways is printed. It’s a good question, one we get asked on a regular basis. Our magazine is printed in St. Cloud, Minnesota. At first glance, that usually surprises people, but here’s the deal: We bid the printing every 3-5 years, and no Arizona printer has submitted a competitive bid in several years. Needless to say, we’d prefer to print locally, but no options appear to be available. That said, Arizona Highways has a tremendous positive impact on the local economy.

According to the latest research study, which was done independently of Arizona Highways, the magazine has a direct economic impact of $35 million/year. In other words, the stories we run inspire readers (in-state and out-of-state) to travel Arizona and spend their money. Here’s a good example: We ran a story in our November issue about MacAlpine’s, a diner in Phoenix. I talked to the owner a few days after the issue came out, and she told me that she had a ton of traffic as a result of the story. So, if you add up the money those folks spent, along with the money spent as a result of every other story we do in the course of a year, it adds up to $35 million/year. By the way, that all happens at zero cost to the state. Although Arizona Highways is owned by the state of Arizona, it is not appropritated. The magazine doesn’t get any money from the state.

We’re very proud of the contributions we make. And more importantly, that’s our mission: To promote travel in Arizona and support the local economy. Thanks to all of you who support the magazine. By doing so, you’re helping us help others. Thanks, too, for your support of the many other local businesses that are so important to our economy. That’s what tomorrow’s event at the Duck & Decanter is all about. Supporting the locals. Hope to see you there.

Robert Stieve, Editor

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  1. Marilyn Walsh

    Thanks for the informative insight. Maybe no one could get quite so excited over the beauty here than someone from Minnesota!!! ha ha
    I know having come from the Midwest, it excites me…

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