To Tucson and Back

Had a great trip to Tucson yesterday. Headed down with Renee Moore, our publicist/PR rep, for an interview with Martha Vazquez of KVOA-TV, the NBC affiliate in the Old Pueblo. We were discussing our November issue, which features a dozen of the best diners and drive-ins in Arizona. Among them is Pat’s Drive-In in Tucson. We stopped there on the way down (it’s located near Speedway and the I-10) and sampled their famous french fries. Not only do the fries live up to the billing, but a small order, which is huge, costs less than $1.50. Definitely worth the stop. Although, I have to admit, I was hoping for a chocolate shake, too. But they didn’t have any. BTW, the chili dogs are supposed to be awesome, too. When we got to the NBC studio, somebody from Pat’s had sent a ton of food over, and everyone in the building was raving about the chili dogs. They certainly smelled good. Like comfort food should.

I’ve been on the air with Martha several times, and she’s fantastic. Sometimes when I do TV interviews, it’s clear that the host hasn’t even looked at the magazine beforehand. Not so with Martha. She’s knows the issue inside and out. She’s great. And so is her staff. Especially the woman running the camera. Didn’t get her name, but she did a lot of pointing and kept things moving. Cheers to Tucson.

Robert Stieve, Editor

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